Tear me from my flesh,
Soaked in blood,
Clean of empathy,
Naked, broken, and clawing.

Fur was thick and choking,
The cold morning air stinging,
Tears damned from streaming,
Lips torn and bleeding,
I'd feel bad if I felt anything,
I dream of moonlight,
Restless and haunting.

Clouded, murky, and distorted,
What did last night hold for me,
Red, dripping, loose, and ragged,
What has last night left me holding?
Sticky, stained, and empty,
Morning provides no clarity.

I long to feel the night,
Smell the scent so predatory,
See the gleam of moonlight,
Feel the singularity,
One drive; No humanity.

Instead here I lay,
Shaken and rattling,
Lost with no continuity,
Sunshine drives into me,
This fleeting sanity.

Grey Wolf

September 5, 2015