Plugged into the machine,
I don't have to worry,
In fact, I don't feel a thing,
Time passes so painlessly.

For such an extended moment,
I can stop the questioning,
Who am I? When's the ending?
Numbness like novacaine.

Pixels overload nuclear energy,
No space left for daydreams,
Filled to block the insecurity,
From these failed fantasies.

Left to wander,
My mind can get so big,
Finding holes I'd never see,
A machine to fill wherever I dig.

Cover it in glass and plastic,
Project feeling into me,
Block out these secret yearnings,
Tell me you know everything.

But then you focus this pain,
Show me what I'm missing,
Just buy this shiny new thing,
Fill the void inside me.

Now I carry the shame,
Not once you've fooled me,
It's been again and again,
This addicted feeding.

The Machine

March 27, 2018