No tears left to shed,
The world left her for dead,
But still an ember of spirit,
Still a dream in her head,
She clawed out from the shadow,
She denied what they said.

A mountain of hope,
No small challenge she'd find,
She looked up in awe,
She began to climb,
They'd call her trespasser,
Still her axe she would grind.

On her path she would fall,
On her path she would fail,
Yet ever alive,
Yet always so strong,
The waves crashed upon her,
The waves witnesssed her wake,

An occasional look back,
Gave hope to her blighte,
Still a mountain before her,
Also the valley she'd escaped,
Each handful of earth,
Built the life she would make.

She'd climb and fall and climb again,
But the path was lonely,
Until appeared a gentleman,
A broken soul,
But with a heart she could wind,
So turn and turn she did for some time.

Now her tears weren't so heavy,
Since the reason she'd find,
This man she remembered,
Perhaps not from this life,
Now he smiled with her,
And looked straight in her eyes.

He said,
You are my love,
Who I'd dreamt I would find,
What luck I would have,
The same mountain you'd climb,

She said,
This wasn't luck that kept us alive,
It was our spirit,
Our belief if we try,
We'll find our way together,
We'll find we're just fine.

He kissed her so deeply,
He thought he would die,
It pulled on his heart,
Tears streamed from his eyes,
They whispered \- I love you\
And then began to climb.

The Mountain We Climb

January 15, 2016