Called on for a greater task,
Than just loving me,
You pick up that old armor,
Lock your hair in braid,
Pin back the sea,
Harden your exterior,
Make yourself ready,
To fight like hell for destiny.

Alone again,
It's always the same,
You go, I stay,
The child without and within,
Left watching the breeze,
Breath suspended,
We wait,
With many responsibilities,
You set the pace,
Now we keep.

Returned home again,
But not the same,
As much left behind as gained,
A world inside expanded,
Big enough to burst,
Stretch or break,
Floods held at bay,
Blood you've spilled,
What do you pay?

Old photos and letters,
Rekindle the memories,
Warm, soft, and sweet;
Just for me,
Reflect back my greed,
There's more of us now,
Mouths and hearts to feed.

We chose all these things;
All this pain,
And the price will be paid,
Not half or quarter,
The whole thing,
We could lose this; everything,
In a second of focus lost,
It can crumble like sand beneath,
So watch your tongue,
And spit thrice,
Stiffen your spine,
Stand tall and straight,
We're nowhere near the end,
Look up and climb,
So much we left behind,
Too much to carry,
If we're to reach the end before night.

You seek rest?
Imagining the top, the peak?
That's not for you to see!
Look at your hands!
Another you're holding,
Think of what you ask,
To go back to the past?
Who awaits you there?
Not her, me, us!

Hand raised to cheek,
A moment it all stops spinning,
Eyes connect so deeply,
A million words passed silently,
I need you to find your strength,
It's there somewhere deep,
It's okay to be afraid,
But I need you to be brave,
This child now is everything,
I know you're ready to die for us,
But that's not what we need,
We need you here fighting,
Protect this family.
And there will be rest,
But not today.

Waiting for You

May 11, 2024