Nomad, wanderer, gypsy.
Names given to thee,
Legends told of a beauty,
Words where a picture should be.

They say her hair's black and curled,
Like a night storm at sea,
Her eyes equally dark and piercing,
Instantly soul seeing.

Rider on the storm,
She arrives as a mystery,
Charming the fates if need be,
Beauty you'll never unsee.

Reeling, no time to breath,
She asks in a whisper,
Just this one night please,
Truth you'll both know by morning.

Was I her conquest?
Has she conquered me?
What is it to live a dream?
Do you ever wish for reality?

A heart to her is nothing,
By the millions she's reaped,
But always just one in her dreams,
The loneliest soul set free.

Warrior princess,
Destiny written in her genes,
She'd build a thrown of bodies,
If it weren't for me.

Warrior Princess

August 14, 2018