Watch the vultures turn,
Wait for the brave,
Or most hungry bird,
Thrash, convulse, and squirm,
I've got life left to burn,
I'm no easy dinner,
I'm one they'll have to earn.

Stir, and stir, and stir,
They'd flush the sky of air,
To draw us closer to the dirt.

Sun, sand, and wind have conquered me,
The voice asks again if I'm ready,
Into the darkness my voice less steady,
It took finding my tank empty,
To learn the cost of rage in energy.

Defiance was always easier than jealousy,
Rebellion always came naturally,
Yet here I lay no matter my enemies,
Perhaps a better spite,
Would have been to live long and happily.

I spit, bite, and writhe,
My nature and my machinery,
Perhaps more than any fight left in me,
Vultures just doing the same,
Watch the crash and pick the remains of meat.

Watch The Vultures Turn

June 24, 2015