The first place,
You truly lost mommy and daddy,
The reason you live desperately,
Drinking like you can't wait.

Dreaming like you never heard of a roof,
Blow the top right off it,
Finally something for you to prove,
To people who never heard of you.

Here we tangle with the best of them,
Giant granite squares,
Finally somewhere to sharpen,
Wit, confidence, ambition, and charm.

Here I'll find someone just like me,
But from somewhere across the world,
Hungrier than a wolf,
Ready to take mine if I won't defend it,
Loyalty of a pack,
Draw blood whenever we need.

I'm ready to write my own history,
The perfect place to break apart the world,
Strike the heart,
Rotten as it may be.

The hottest oven you've ever seen,
Burn you to look into it,
Bake whatever you put into it,
Dreams, failures, experiences, mistakes,
You'll never know so certainly.

Let's love like the ghosts,
They'll imagine when they see our remains,
We're the citizens of Rome,
Dancing amongst the flames.

Gotham City Baby

April 2, 2021