I thought I'd wake,
There right next to me,
The only thing I need.

Wavy black hair,
Angelic face in silent sleep,
Like fresh bread still baking,
Her scent is home to me.

Instead, it's rotten carrion stink,
Something rigid and greasy,
A corpse clawed up out of the grave,
Familiar in all the worst ways.

I think I knew it was this again,
Its emptiness tugging on me,
Like a childhood basement,
A horror I feel remembering me.

It smiles and turns to me,
That same stranger's face,
Crooked soul bearing pearly teeth,
Taking because it's empty.

Scrambling for escape,
Where's the one I need?
God don't let that all,
Have been the dream.

I know I followed my heart,
How could I be back here?
How could it still be this?
I swear I had escaped.

There's a perfect one out there,
I know because I found her.
Her warmth is still with me,
My hero will wake me.

Vanilla Sky

February 27, 2021