I've taken you as my wife,
And partner through this life,
So stare with me into the night,
We're together in this fight.

Stand on my shoulders,
Free the fruit of the tree,
Climb my statue,
Build on top of me.

Be fierce to frighten the beast,
I'll be waiting amongst the trees,
We'll never go hungry,
So long as you stay with me.

A break from the hard sun,
Your shadow reveals a form,
The shape of my love,
Your silhouette so calming.

I'll be your ox,
Let me carry the weight,
I trust only your watchful eye,
Only together we see what's coming,
I know your voice,
I trust only your warning.

If the heavens scorched the Earth,
I'd take your hand,
Pull you, tow you to safety,
Skipping though, it's instinct,
I'll always think of you before me.

One day the tears may flow,
Let them come flood everything,
Drown the world in a new sea,
Cry until you feel okay,
I'll use my last breath,
To push you up above the waves.

When we first met,
We were just babies,
Learning to survive together,
After every fall you caught me,
Now let me hold your ground,
Go ahead and run free.

If it's not meant to be,
If we're not the children chosen,
I know how I'll spend the ending,
Embracing this new family,
In love since the beginning,
Built together,
Let's sail this ship into eternity.

My Wife

August 24, 2018