There's a storm coming,
Still somewhere out of sight,
We don't need to see,
We can feel the electricity,
Animal instinct.

She cries out in the night,
Fly like fools,
Out of time,
The storm breaks here,
The first cracks; hot white.

Prepared for pain,
And existential stakes,
It's life or death tonight,
Hold out longer my dear,
It's your blood not mine.

Cracking heavens,
Electrical explosions,
Fury we only imagined,
Before tonight hearsay,
Through night and day you fight.

Now you've thinned the veil,
Moved Earth and heaven close enough,
So close the light is blinding,
A million volts crackling,
Humming, arcing wildly,
Without fear, you reached in deeply,
So far I thought you'd fall inside.

I saw your ghost,
Too pale, too white,
Lost enough to float away,
Hollowed of her baby,
The job is done,
But you're not free,
Return for her, for me.

What did I see (glimpse),
When I looked into your light?
Something godly and humbling,
Otherworldly and haunting,
Put the fear of God in me,
Frightening and awing.

I'll never ask where you went,
That's the promise I made,
When you were returned to me,
In your arms, our precious delivery.

Precious Delivery

April 28, 2023