I won't let you fall apart,
A trail of broken pieces,
I picked up after you,
Once you're strong enough again,
We'll pick apart these wounds,
Ones that never truly healed,
Stitches on stitches,
I'll sew these limbs back onto you.

I won't let you wander too far,
Though I've followed you aimlessly,
Been parched and watched the spring fade away,
To keep you within reach,
Like you were strong for me.

When you doubt,
I lift my shirt for you see,
The heart you grafted onto me,
Never let me go through pain,
Even when I pushed away,
Now it's more than a scar to me,
It's everything.

I'll never let you drift away.
At Earth's end,
Only you and I,
I'll leap into the void,
If it's where you'll be.

We've fallen before,
And landed on our feet,
Falling forever with you,
Is something familiar to me.
In love truly.

Won't Let You Fall Apart

January 20, 2024